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“I was experiencing daily headaches and feeling like the amount of ibuprofen I was taking was not good for me.  I wanted to try something besides meds.  My good friend was going to Dr. Barron and recommended giving him a try.  Since going to Dr. Barron, my daily headaches have stopped and my energy level really increased!  Dr. Barron and his staff are not only professional, but are very friendly and personable too.  They are concerned about my whole health, not just helping with the ailment I started coming in for.”


-Thom R.

"I just want to say a huge thank you to Dr. Barron for bringing 8WW into Barron Chiropractic. Without this program, I was not motivated to exercise or even eat the right foods. I always said I was going to start tomorrow, but we all know tomorrow never comes. I followed the program very closely and never missed an exercise session with Will. I went to my doctor right after completing the program...he asked if I was sick because of the weight I lost! He then drew my blood to look at my HbA1c (blood sugar marker)....if it gone up anymore my doctor wanted me that I would have to go on more medicine. I was hoping to be down to wasn' was down to 6.4!! The day I found Dr. Barron was the day that my life changed."


-Mary W

"All of my kids come to Barron Chiropractic for routine maintenance, when they don’t feel well, or when they are injured because a visit here makes them feel better. As for me, I’m extremely hard on my body as a fitness instructor. I’m repaired weekly and I continue to love what I do because of it. I can look over my shoulder with ease these days and I now have a natural curve in my neck again. I refer countless people to this office because life-changing things happen here. Thank you, Kirk and the whole Barron Chiropractic staff for the many positive changes that you help so many people to make!”


- Amy D.

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