What to expect on your first visit....

We understand that arriving at a doctors office for the first time can be nerve racking. Filling out paperwork, learning new faces and getting to know your way around the office can be an overwhelming experience. It is our goal to remove any stress and to make you feel comfortable.  

New Patients


In our office, how you benefit from care is up to you.  Dr. Barron will make sure you have a complete understanding of your current state of health and will make their recommendations based on what you want to achieve.

1. Consultation

You will have a consultation with Dr. Barron to discuss your health-related problems, concerns and how to best address them.

​This initial visit is designed for the doctors to learn more about you and your expectations.


After your consultation, Dr. Barron will then perform a complete mobility screening, chiropractic health/ lifestyle analysis and nervous system evaluation. ​

3. X-Ray

Depending on your health history, we may take X-rays as well.  X-rays help us develop the most effective treatment plan for you.

​ Most people have learned that pain is the only time to seek help. Our Doctors knows that if your structure is weak it can cause underlying issues that will never resolve unless properly addressed.

4. Report of Findings

Once the patient history is collected and examinations are performed,  Dr. Barron will give you a detailed report on the following visit and answer questions including: 

  1. How can I benefit from care? 

  2. What might I need to do to fix this once and for all? 

  3. What will my care cost?